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Therapy is a Radical Act of Self-Care

Treasures of the Heart Therapeutic Services is a private mental health practice in Silver Spring, Maryland. Our therapist provides counseling and clinical consultation services to individuals and couples.

Therapy is a place where you give yourself permission to become. With the right therapist, it is an opportunity for you to seek what you have always known about yourself, learn new ways of recognizing your potential and take tangible steps toward your goals. Therapy can be revolutionary, if you allow the process to happen.

The word radical is associated with audacity, boldness and being unapologetic. Imagine how you may make space to uniquely weave these attributes into your everyday life. True radicalism is a personal act of taking responsibility for the changes and growth you want to see in your life.

“Treasures of the Heart” are the riches that we build within our lives. This indicates the kind of inner strength that cannot be defeated by any tribulation. It refers to the power to live out our lives in a creative way, with constant joy, fulfillment and vitality." 

- Daisaku Ikeda

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